i am not voting for that dickface

Didn’t write yesterday, wasn’t in the mood. Also wasn’t in the mood last Thursday night, which explains Friday’s non-entry. So, after my long weekend, I thought I’d better get some words on paper. Had a great weekend, though, nice winesoaked dinners and rewarding fits of yardwork, some daddy-daughter time on Saturday and some manfire-stoaking metalworking with a freakin’ plasma cutter and mig welder. It was good, for sure. Let us, though, friends, get our heads out of the past and move forward into the here and the now. Three, two, one…

Today is vote-day. I know where I stand on the major state ballot issues, and the house, but I decided today that, rather than abstain from voting for the many ham-and-egger offices (school board, water rights, sanitation, etc.), I’m instead going to vote for whichever of the candidates I saw the least amount of roadside campaign vomit for. I’m serious, one of these dickfaces had supporters put literally hundreds of campaign posters along the road from the highway to our house. I am not voting for that dickface, just for that.

Remember all my hesitation about the new Shins album? Yeah, that turned out to be quite unfounded. All it took for me to hit the fainting couch with every falsetto croon was a deep-listening session afforded me while mowing the lawn Sunday afternoon. Since the album is a scant 40min, I was able to cycle through it twice and then some (found myself pulling weeds and trimming hedges just to get some more ear-time). The Shins’ music always sounds to me like it would be at home in the mid-sixties, and I like that. I love the way the Shins-singer-guy “turns” his melodies, always trilling up and down where you least expect it, sliding up the scale unexpectedly, it makes for interesting listening.

Continuing on the music tip, I’ve recently re-started (once again) my efforts to digitize my entire CD collection. Re-started is really the wrong term, since it’s been an ongoing thing… it just languishes when the wind’s not in my sails. Last week I did a big “rectify,” comparing everything I’ve ripped thus far to what I have – just to get a better assessment of what’s left to do. Oh, yeah, I have a spreadsheet for that which I was supposed to use and keep updated… but I also stopped updating that regularly enough during my last ripping bout. So, I cleaned everything up and took a fresh look at my progress. Seems I only have about ~100 discs left to rip, not too bad.

Well the, that’s enough too call it a proper entry, I do believe. Before I go though, I also got caught up on Keaton’s gallery, posting her latest pictures – you can check them out here.

Goodnight beasties.

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