feeding at the trough

Good Monday morning to you, readers. This was a heck of a weekend. My parents in town, Keaton’s first night away from mom and dad, and our 4th annual Halloween bash. We had a great time, and the party seemed to go off swimmingly – a rousing success by my standards. And, since it’s now 11pm on Sunday night, it feels like midnight, I’m still on the hook for posting Keaton’s regular weekly updates, and I want to get the costume contest gallery up for the party – the entry is gonna be lean today. This paragraph, which only serves to setup the links to the Halloween and Keaton galleries, and then the little one below about my fortuitous Saturday evening e-mail surprise, and that’s it. So, sorry for the slim pickins, but I did what I could, and here’s the bulk of it:

Halloween 2006 Costume Contest. Use the voting stars to rank your favorites, and don’t forget to comment.
Keaton’s week thirty-three gallery. No voting, but a whole lotta cute baby.

In closing, I checked my gmail account Saturday night and was thrilled nearly to Christmas morning tears to see in my inbox an invite to one of the underweb’s best-kept tunes-downloading secrets. And even though I’ve mentioned it here before by name, becoming a member has encouraged me to use discretion. Anyway, some kind user had taken the time to toss an invite my way, and I immediately used it to setup an account. Now, I must say that, due to the skyrocketing visibility of what is probably the scene’s most prolific private tracker, I am a bit leery of even using the account. Honestly, the whole nature of trackers and IPs and whatnot is scary to me – but the content is just sooo good. I suppose I’ll use it, y’know, here and there…

Until tomorrow, then. Look for Halloween candids later in the week as I get downloads from various cameras. Goodnight.

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