wasted time

Been feeling particularly uninspired this week, don’t really know why. Maybe it’s some sort of “senioritis” type anticipation for the extra-day weekend. Seriously, this three-day affair couldn’t have come soon enough for me… I’m ready for a “free day” from work about now. So, should we run down the normal pleasantries? Thursday night, blah, Sharaun and the gym, do tell, Keaton asleep, no kidding, and I’m sitting here typing. Right. That’s about what I figured.

But, despite all this nothing… I did manage to find, like, five or so free hours to slap together a “thank the Lord for the three-day weekend” Keaton bonus video. You can surf over and watch it right now, by clicking these words.

Tonight was some kind of awards, and Sharaun was making me watch them. Nah… I can feign ignorance, but I’ll admit I knew it was the MTV ones. Anyway, most of the show consisted of me asking “who’s that?” as the MTV roving cameras panned to someone in the audience. “That’s so-and-so whats-her-shit, I can’t believe you don’t recognize her… she’s only like the most famous who’s-it-now out there right now,” Sharaun would exclaim. Ahhh… I should’ve known, I feel so ignorant know. First thing tomorrow I’m going down to the community college and signing up for a class in pop culture… I wonder if I’ll have to buy my own “grill” or they’ll issue one to me?


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