hump on meth

Sunday, pre-noon, so.. morning, I suppose. Listening to the Dears new record, and the second time around it’s sounding really good – don’t know what happened on the first spin the other night, wonder if this’ll hold up or if it’s got something to do with the open windows, sunshine, and breeze. Maybe I should put on the new Decemberists too, see what a gorgeous Sunday can do for the sad state of “initial judgement” I heaped on it. I just put Keaton down for a nap, Sharaun’s playing soccer (2nd game back since torn ACL, surgery recovery, and pregnancy). Last night we had our 1st “date night” without Keaton (not counting the anniversary dinner back in FL because it’s not “here”). With Keaton dropped off safely with very generous friends, we set about some fine dining and a movie. Saw Descent, damn… that was a truly scary movie. Of course, the majority of the 2hr+ fondue “experience” was spent talking about the baby, but I think that may be normal or something.

Speaking of the baby, she’s officially teething – and not happy for it. Stinks to see her hurt, especially when there’s nothing you can do about it. Not only that, stinks that her hurting means her crying… and that inconsolable sort of crying that’s just no fun all around. Some times she’s off, sometimes she’s on, but the books are right when they say that those little tooths can affect everything from her sleeping, to her eating, and even, bizarrely, the consistency of her poo. No visible teeth as yet, but you can bet they’ll be on the web as soon as the erupt.

And, more of the kid-related… Sharaun had the “Teen Choice Awards” on tonight while I sat here blogging. Normally, I’d just tune in when the choice teens are on screen – but as I listened passively, I began to hear some interesting stuff. Drug references, alcohol references, and plenty o’ sex. I sat there, “tsking” and shaking my head, thinking of my eventual teenager sitting and watching the stars they love glamorize all the things that stars do – I found myself surprised. Sharaun, “tsking” and nodding right along with me, stopped to ask “Do we think this is bad because we’re old, or because we have a kid now, or both?” “Both, I guess,” I offered. Anyway, after I finish writing this I’m gonna exercise my geriatric-parental rights to fire off a stinging missive to Fox, in which I will condemn them for their too-adult “teen” show (and maybe their rightwing nutjob cable news network too, depends on how much of my dad I can channel at once without passing out). Man, I’m way old… do all kids hump on meth and Grey Goose these days? What do you wanna bet this is somewhat of a hot topic online tomorrow, I’ll preload some blog searches here and here to see if I’m psychic.

Sometime over the course of the past week, our camera’s compact-flash memory card took a nosedive, and it now maintains it does not exist. Luckily, I was able to scrounge up an old 256MB replacement – but the downtime didn’t really have an impact on Keaton’s weekly upload. I still managed to come through in the clutch with another quality weekly offering. But, don’t take my word for it – head on over right now and check it out for yourself.

Remember last week when I talked about compiling the Pitchfork “Top 200 of the ’60s” list in MP3 format? Turns out someone beat me to it. Download to your heart’s content my friends, to your heart’s content.

Goodnight, hopes for a good Monday.

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