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Wednesday night coming off a slower day at work

I’ve written before about how terrible I am at “keeping in touch.” Unless a relationship is in my face on a regular basis, reminding me it exists, I tend to let it fizzle. I don’t know how to describe this other than a flaw in me personally. Most of the time, I have no desire to “end” a relationship or disconnect from a person or people – but I just don’t make any effort to keep things alive. You could call it laziness, but I’d peg it more as being rooted in my self-centered nature. I value each and every one of my friendships or other relationships, but in the bitter honesty of self-inspection I realize that I’m rarely the one making those relationships work. I’m usually a willing participant, and rarely the catalyst maintaining things. People call me more than I call people, unfortunately. At various times I’ve tried to address this, and all have met with great results. It’s odd how I sometimes seem to prefer some sense of being aloof, some strategic disconnection. If it makes me seem cold and uncaring, I’m sorry… it’s not that… I promise. I often get lost in my own brain and don’t pay enough attention to the things that keep my truly happy. How’s that for some introspection, huh?

I love girls; always have, likely always will. When I see girls, I want to look at them. Legs and belly-buttons pull my eyes, draw me in, like a cartoon character lifted into the air, nostrils leading, by the visible wafting scents of a pie cooling on a windowsill. Girls are my pies on windowsills. Curves and smiles and hair turn my head, prompting a discrete inhalation a few seconds after passing, perchance to catch a whiff of some sweet perfume. Yes, I like girls – I’m constantly watching and evaluating and assessing them. I can remember sitting in classes when in high school, running through different “I’d sleep with her if” scenarios. Keeping a count of who I’d “stoop to” repopulating the Earth with should we be put in such a situation.

So, girls of the world, please know that when you encounter me – I am looking. I am focusing on your hair, smile, eyes, and legs – in that order (you T&A men can have that, ranks low for me). Not that you care, but you are being evaluated and binned. Should I be lucky enough to be around you for any extended amount of time, I reserve the right to completely redo my initial rankings based on personality. Even if you’re bald, have gaping holes where your eyes should be, hairy legs and a toothless grin – I could fall in love with you just the same if you laugh at my jokes and overlook my many flaws. OK… maybe I’d want you to have teeth… or at least a passable orthodontia replicate… but then again you may want me to have hairless shoulders – touché.

On their current tour, Radiohead has so far played a total of 13 new songs off their yet-to-be-released new album. A while back, I wrote about my most anticipated albums of 2006. Radiohead was #2 on the list. I’ve been hearing rumors now that we may not see an album until 2007. Man… do albums ever leak a year early? And where the heck have the Arcade Fire been? Can we please get at least a press blurb about them “working hard in the studio” or something?


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