After nearly a week of pulling out all the stops trying to get uncorrupted data off my failed RAID array, I finally exhausted all my ideas and gave up. Five years of digital photos, three years of taxes, all the prank phone call compilations I’d been working on, three years of website backups, all the scans for my bootleg collection, my huge collection of MAME and NES ROMs… ugh. At least I had a backup of my music… I don’t think I’d be caught without that. All the CDs I’ve ripped, and my non-ripped collection as well; I’d’ve possibly had a stroke were all that lost. When it comes down to it, I could care less about everything but the photos. I can replace MAME ROMs, re-input prank phone calls, download bootleg scans, etc. But man, had I lost my music collection… that’d be something to be really upset about. As it is, I’m pretty bummed about losing five years of pictures – and Sharaun’s more than “pretty bummed” about it too. Owell, I’m up and running a brand new 750GB RAID5 array now – here’s to avoiding tragedy in the future. I keep hoping I’ll run across a long-forgotten DVD backup of our photos somewhere…

I just have nothing to write, I think because I’ve been single-tracked trying to get this data back – and we’ve had company in town. I think things’ll get better after tomorrow, when it’s just us and the baby… but for now, I have absolutely nothing.


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