parting shots (or, chicken soup for the blog)

Back to school.
Today I’m gonna gay it up, so break out your Cher CDs, aromatherapy candles, and Sex in the City DVD collection. No offense to the gay readers, of course, I use the term in it’s colloquial form where it means… “gay.” So without further exposition, let me introduce things (I know, I know).

Sharaun’s last day at work was last Friday (Last Friday was Sharaun’s last day at work?). Modifiers and their potential misplacement aside, she’s done with the whole job bag. Upon leaving, her class prepared a photo/memory album for her, each student writing some parting thoughts on a little 3×5 index card. I sat down early Saturday morning and flipped through this book, and decided that the messages were just too good not to share. Now, if you’re naturally weepy and prone to tears, you may want to get some tissue now – because, although sometimes hilariously poorly written, the sentiment here can get pretty thick and sappy. Names have been omitted to protect the innocent; and spelling and punctuation, or lack thereof, have been kept largely intact. Before you laugh a the English – remember it’s not the native language of a handful of these kids (though I’m not going to tell you which ones). Here we go:

When I was little I was most fond of my mother’s posts (pots) and pans and my father’s Pepsi (which turned out to be my first word). I hope your baby is as fond as those items as I was.

I hope your baby girl is kind, smart, and healthy. I wish Keaton will have a good life.

I wish the Keaton can be beautiful and smart as her own mom. I wish she could be strong into music just as her dad. Let this baby dream and be adventurous. Let her be who she wants to be, but be there for her in the good and the bad. Guide this baby to soar to the sky and achieve her dreams.

I know that you are going to be a great mom. You’ve already had a lot of experience with us. From my experience in being a kid the best thing you can do is push your daughter. Don’t overwhelm her of course, but don’t let her slack off. You’ll know what to do.

3 top things you should know about loving Keaton

  1. Let Keaton know you love her
  2. Cheer her on when she does something good
  3. Give lots of hugs and kisses when she is blue!

I wish your baby will become very smart. I also wish your (baby) will become very kind and happy.

I hope Keaton is smart and kind. I wish your baby has a great life. You will also feel you have a new life.

One of my best childhood memories is when I broke my elbow because my mom was always sitting beside me and taking care of me.

I hope you have a great time and a nice day. Your baby is going to be a nice kid when she grows up and she is going to be smart, kind, and lovely. I will never forgive that you are my teacher. Your a nice teacher. Keaton is going to be a good little baby.

I hope your baby is smart. I hope she is happy. I hope Keaton is cute and smart. I also hope she’s a healthy baby.

What do you have to say for yourself having a baby? You have wonderful students, you’ve got it all. As a mom you will need all the help you can get from your husband, your ma, pa, and other family members. Also you will need us. But with your kindness your baby will be more than comforted (trust me, I know all about babies, I babysit them, including my sister).

I hope your baby will grow up to be similar to you. I wish your baby will become smart, kind, and gentle. Hopefully the apple won’t fall far from the tree.

Please don’t spoil Keaton. She will become a humble child and will be kind and loving. That is my dream. I want a world of kindness.

I wish Keaton becomes smart, like you. I want her to become smart so she can become whatever she wants to. I hope she is kind and sweet. We will miss you, I hope we will meet again. Till then, goodbye.

I wish a lot of hopes and dreams for the baby girl. I hope that she is smart, beautiful, not snobby and all of her dreams come true. My other wishes are that she is healthy, kind, and happy. I hope that your family will have a new and beautiful with the baby Keaton.

One day your baby will be a well educated person just like you. She’s very lucky to have you as a mother. Keaton has many things ahead of her, she has a fantastic mom, a great dad… there will be no doubt that she won’t succeed. Just don’t spoil her too much! I just know you will support and care for her a bunch.

Hey what’s up? I just wanted to wish you and your child the best luck and luv through the rest of her life and yours. I hope she grows up to be a nice and great person to know like you are today. I know I haven’t known you long but even though you were the best teacher I ever had. I have love and props for Keaton. PS – We will never forget u!

I think you will be a wonderful mom. Keaton will be very happy. I have some advice for you. Don’t spoil your child and don’t go to her every need.

I wish that your baby has all of my wishes, as long as you want them too. I wish that your baby is as smart as you. Also as kind, as healthy, as gentle as you. The last thing that I want to wish your baby is that she is a caring and beautiful person just like her mother, and just like her father (even though I haven’t met her father).

I hope your baby will be as wonderful as you are. I know you will be a great mom because you know how to treat kids. I will miss you so much but at least a good thing is making you go. I hope Keaton will have a great time with you like I did.

I hope you have a healthy; happy; and a kind little baby named Keaton!!

Once when my mom was teaching me to ride my bike. I always fell. One day when my friends were outside we rode are bikes. I thought that I still had my training wheels. I was so happy.

I know that you are quitting to teach, I decided to take out my time to write this letter of compassion to say good-bye to my number one 6th grade teacher. From all the respect that you gave to me I would put you on the wall of fame for every great teacher, but I decided that you would on the top of the ladder with principals from your academic of achievements that you gave to me and the class. This is all I wanted to say thank-you for giving us full of love I suggest that love will be given to Keaton.


wish that the baby comes out and healthy nice, and kind like you are. But don’t spoil her because my mom spoiled her son and he wants everyone to do something for her.

I hope your baby will grow up to be smart, kind, healthy, and fair. The only thing you don’t want to do is spoil the baby. What should do is just spoil it a little but not too much.

When I was young I dove and caught a ball. My mom felt guilty because that was the only game she missed. So don’t miss your child’s games!!

I hope your baby lives a long and happy life and that you enjoy your time together. I hope Keaton grows to be healthy and strong. Hopefully Keaton will be just as smart as you. You should be very happy with Keaton, congrats!

I hope that you will have a wonderful life with your new loving daughter. I hope that your daughter will be smart, kind, and happy just like us. You are one of the best teachers I ever had! Don’t worry we will never forget you. Hope you come and visit us with baby Keaton!

I hope you have a smart, healthy, beautiful, kind baby girl. You would be a great mom because you know how to control your emotions towards kids. Also, don’t spoil Keaton, just love* her all you want, and try not to get stressed with her. *=Love is contagious.

Back in my old town, my parents were usually gone in early morning till late evening. Though one day my mom decided to buy some time to bake, and my own self knew what she was making. Cream-puffs were a favorite between our family. This is considered a cherished memory because that day I spent time having fun baking and eating most of the batter. Though, think about it, working most of the day. You should always buy some time with your child.

I know you will be an awesome mom, and I hope your baby turns out just like you. Try not to spoil her too much, just make sure she gets a puppy or two. Enrolling her in preschool and teaching her math at and early age will make her smart and make her want to go to school. I know I loved soccer and swimming when I was little, and I’m sure she will too. You’re going to be a great mom! I can’t wait to see your beautiful baby! PS – Don’t forget to give her that puppy! Mini-schnauzers are great!

It’s OK for a mom to spoil, if she knows her limits. When my family moved, my mom taught me how to swim. I hope Keaton has a great life with you.

I hope that you will have fun with your new daughter. I remember when I was little. My dad too off my training wheels and I tried to do it once, but I fell. I thought, “Oh well,” and kept trying, but I kept falling. Finally I just gave up and cried. My mom was their and she said to keep trying. Of course I was nervous, but I kept trying. And guess what? I did it!

I love how these kids’ notes are a window into their family life; you can see their folks’ priorities, which, until they start deciding on their own in a couple years, they’ve inherited wholly. You can see the values their parents have instilled in them, and get an idea of how they are treated by the way they advise Sharaun to treat Keaton. It’s amazing.

And that’s it for today friends. Until tomorrow.

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