screw this let’s go

Not polite to point.
Thursday (actually, it’s Wednesday night as I write and I just got off a conference call with some guys in Bangalore, India… ah… world time zones) and a slim entry before I skip Friday once again, just seems to be a pattern this month. Out of work at noon today, on the road… heading to a good ol’ fashion wedding on the ranch… high desert… can’t wait. Cloudless blue skies and 14,000ft peaks as a backdrop, let’s go now. I don’t know what I’m going to write… I don’t have much going on.

Music roundup: I’m still trying my best to see what it is that’s got everyone so orgasmic about this new New Pornographers album. From my first listen, it was just another New Pornographers album, sounding like it should and nothing all that special. In fact, I remember thinking that I liked AC’s solo effort more on 1st listen. But, the critic-collective seem to be eying this LP as one of the year’s best already… so I’m doing my best to give it plenty of time to wash around the palette before spitting it out. And, actually, it’s growing on me… bit by bit, it’s growing on me. Aside from the Pornos, other noteworthy items that’ve ended up in my headphones lately: A promising one-man-extravaganza album by The Ladies and Gentlemen; Broken Social Scene’s new one (hopefully it’s better than their sophomore effort, which I didn’t like at all); and Kepler’s latest, which I liked immediately for its country-tinged hush. August is a good month for music, lots of good new listening material.

Guess what. I got a letter in the mail from my doctor today. My throat culture results from back when they put me on antibiotics for strep. In the “results” section it says: strep = negative. I didn’t even have strep. So what was wrong with me, and why did antibiotics clear it up?

OK. Whatever.

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