can’t get more american

So American...
That picture is of an American flag, a boy with a rifle, and a dog. Both the boy and the dog are waving miniature American flags also, and, my friends… you just can’t get much more American than that. America, where our children carry guns and even our dogs carry flags.

Friday and it’s a slow day at work, as a lot of people have taken the day off to get a jump on the three-day weekend. I thought about doing it myself, but there was some junk to take care of. I took the truck into the shop this morning, can’t wait to see what that bill is like. Stupid truck. At least it’s been good to me lately. Being as it’s getting on in miles, I’ve been treating it more like a “work truck” of late. Abusing it by hauling backyard-landscaping materials, poker tables, etc. What was I saying? Whatever.

I got my Epipen yesterday. Y’know, the thing on which my hopes of survival now rest? Yeah, that thing. It doesn’t have a visible needle or anything, it’s a lot like the thing they used to use on Star Trek Next Generation, where the doc just slammed a pen on your skin and it auto-injects. I just think about having to tell my kids that I can’t go swimming with them, because I’ve got the most obscure “disease” known to man. Hopefully I’ve got the variety that lasts 1-5 years, and this whole mess will go away before too long. OK I’m done talking about it, it’s boring.

No more writing, time to go on vacation. Three-day weekend, I’m comin’ for ya. Dave out.

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