a peg-leg too

It's cyclical.
So it appears I’m going to Houston next week to meet with some customers. I got to thinking, and turns out my brother is stationed only a two hour drive from Houston. Since I’m coming in on a Thursday and was planning on leaving Friday – I think I’m just going to make my return flight on Sunday and head up to spend the weekend with him. Should be cool, since he leaves to build roads in America’s only rainforest the very next weekend. Right now work is at a peak, with everything conveniently converging on next week – which I’ve dubbed “hell week.” I will rock hell week though, I have no fear.

As predicted, I’ve become totally addicted to PBS’ new “reailtyducation” series “Colonial House.” I’ve written before about my affinity for these series, and this one doesn’t disappoint. I think find them “acceptable” reality programming because there’s no unnecessary drama or Real World-esque bullshit. Not to mention, they’re chock-full of awesome history goodness. No ex-football players giving roses to doe-eyed, streetcorner-clad golddiggers; no diving into entrails to gather enough gold coins to beat the other team; and no one getting voted off as part of a grand strategy. Just learnin’ and hardship, what more could you ask for? PBS rocks, makes me feel all Linuxy when I watch it.

Have you guys seen this new “cleric” they’ve indicted? You know, the one who supposedly built some crazy terrorist training camp in Oregon, of all places. I mean, this guy is a seriously mean looking dude. One insane eye that’s got the crazy-glaze and seems to be permanently on the lookout for enemies approaching from the left. A freakin’ hook for a right hand. And a crazy unkempt shaggy beard to top it all off. Who knows, until we see a picture of him from the waist down – I’m gonna say he has a peg-leg too, he certainly seems injury-prone enough. Allah not really lookin’ out for you eh Abu?

Maybe you’re just not terrorist enough, get more terrorist – that might help. No, I’m joking (lest people think I’m one of those “they’re all terrorists” idiots, it’s only comedy people). Anyway, I can’t see this guy recruiting anyone, let alone a bunch or tree-hugging Oregonian hippies who can’t pump their own gas. If this guy approached me in my mosque about coming to hang out at his cool “ranch” and learning to shoot guns – I’d probably bust him over the head with a bottle of rum and try to steal his treasure map. Pirate-looking loony.

“With my good eye I will see the infidels! I will then hobble to them on my good leg and pummel them with my good hand! Fear me!!.”

Well, it’s 11:30pm here and we’re on a marathon-run of Colonial House. Happy birthday dad, feel better mom! G’night blog faithful. Dave out.

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