I got nothing.  What you got?
I was kicking around writing ideas the other day, and hit upon an idea I thought would be kinda fun. I was thinking how much I like writing stories about the olden days, and telling things from my point of view – and I thought it would be really cool to hear some stories from other people who experienced them. That got me thinking about contacting some old friends and asking them if they wanted to do a “guest blog.” The more I thought about it, the less practical it sounded; I don’t really know who would want to do it, and I don’t even know who I would contact. So I kinda gave up, but I also thought opening up the blog to some “guest spots” might be kinda fun. So if there’s anyone out there who writes for fun, and I’ll publish yer ass on the internet. Anonymous or not, your choice. And I’m being for real too; moms, you got something to write – send it along. Random reader, blog-faithful, send it.

Anyway, with the likelihood of the offer being accepted being pretty low – I guess I better keep writing to fill the pages. Although I’m not going to write much today, since I didn’t do my late-night writing last night – and I’m really pressed for time today. (Yes, Wes, the blog is taking a hit for your stupid work-related deadlines). I just wanted to comment on one thing and then call it a weekend.

The recently released pictures of US soldiers humiliating and killing Iraqi prisoners have got me thinking. I mean, I think I’m not dense enough to not realize this stuff goes on – but I really wish it didn’t. (Damn, I think I just won the “how many negatives can you fit into a sentence” contest.) A few dumb soldiers with cameras document evidence which can be used to fuel the fires of hatred toward the US. Just what we need right now. So, crashing planes into buildings isn’t all that saintly either – but c’mon guys?

There. “A weekend.” Dave out.

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