getting orders

We go to shows down there.
Noise Pop is coming up again, and there are some great shows going down. So many good ones, in fact, that we decided to make a weekend out of one particular run of ’em. Friday the 27th of February, Vanderslice plays with Pedro the Lion. I’ve seen both before and really enjoyed them, so that should be a good show. Then Saturday day the Wrens play, and that night the Decemberists are back with Earlimart. We’ll find a place to stay in the city Friday night, and do a three-shows-in-two-days bender. I’ve never seen the Wrens or Earlimart, but really dig their stuff. Should be fun.

My brother got his orders yesterday, and turns out he was in that 5% of soldiers who aren’t going to Iraq right away. He’ll instead be stationed at Fort Hood, TX. My mom was so happy that he wasn’t sent directly to Iraq, she was totally worried that he’d be over there fresh off the Army assembly line. At least he and Angela will have some time together now before he has to go somewhere, it’d be hard on her if he got turned right out into Iraq too. Anyway, that’s good news. Although I’d expect that if the war goes on much longer he won’t be stateside forever.

A busy day, a short entry. Dave out.

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