dudes flirt with dudes

It's a llama.  The result of a GIS for "canoodling," I swear.
Back from a weekend where I purposely set out to do nothing, and totally accomplished my goal. Then again, for a weekend of doing nothing I sure managed to do a lot. Friday night Pat called an impromptu get-together at his place for some Kings game watching and poker playing. Saturday day I did absolutely nothing, aside from downloading the new Myst game to check it out. I never play PC games, but I loved the original Myst. Saturday night we had dinner with a variation of the standard crew – and then closed the night in the hot tub. Sunday I took in Sharaun’s indoor game, and we went home and put up the Christmas tree before the Alias crew came over for tri-tip and tater salad. Not a bad weekend.

Dudes flirt with dudes. Oh yeah that’s right, I said it. Dudes flirt with dudes just like they flirt with girls. We may not call it “flirting,” but it’s essentially the same thing in that it achieves the same results. Now, I’m not saying dude/dude flirting is done with the same goal in mind as dude/girl flirting (i.e. canoodling), but the two are alike in that they both provide the flirter and flirtee with some measure of satisfaction and pleasure. Oh I know, all you hard core dudes disagree with me – but you’re just lying to yourself.

You know when your buddy messes up and you give him constant crap about it? Flirting. When you “mess” with another dude about something, sidling and poking fun at him? Also flirting. Akin to chasing girls around the playground and pulling their hair, dudes punch each other, give each other a hard time, and make fun of each others’ faults. Oh we won’t admit it for flirting, but it is. Make fun of what he’s wearing, call him a “pussy” for checking in with his woman, dog on his back hair… all just flirting.

On the music tip, I am really excited because I convinced Steve & Ragan to come to a show with Benz, Sharaun and I. They’ll be popping their indie show cherries to the crooning of the Decemberists at the Bottom of the Hill in January. Too bad we couldn’t have taken them to a more impressive venue for their first show, but owell. Also in music news, Ben put up some cool video and stills of his bro’s band in action at a concert he took in over Thanksgiving. That’s real rock y’all, don’t be scared. Meanwhile I’ve been stuck listening to the two Explosions in the Sky albums I’ve grabbed from absmi. Much like Mogwai, who I also adore – they are instrumental and noisy, fine fine tunes. I’ve also been enjoying the Neil Youngness of the Magnolia Electric Co. album from Songs:Ohia; and the loud grittiness of a “new to me” but old album from A Minor Forest.

OK, tired of writing. Dave out.

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2 Replies to “dudes flirt with dudes”

  1. You so crazy.
    Ive winked at a gay bartender once before to get a free drink. (Thats flirting!) But if you are telling me that once when my friend hit me in the face with a big rock he was actually flirting with me, Id have to disagree!

  2. shaine, i never hit you in the face with a rock… did i?

    you sound just like everyone else i told my theory to… you´re all haters 😉

    (by the way, i was just flirting with you)

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