trick or treat

Ahhh… the day of the party is at hand. Happy Halloween all! As you can see, blog got all up in the festive mood also. Go blog.

Heard a band on 3wk yesterday that piqued my interest, so I looked ’em up with the trusty Google. They are called The Potomac Accord. I have no idea if the name refers to an actual event in history (forgive my ignorance). The music is what Sharaun calls “the stuff you listen to that makes me wanna kill myself.” Yeah well, I do kinda dig that dragging, minimalist, hushed/sad sound sometimes; plus they play the quiet-loud-quiet card really well, and I am a big fan of that. I’d maybe put them on a comp with Kepler, Early Day Miners, Low, Mogwai, Godspeed, A Silver Mt. Zion, etc. Hmm… describing that imaginary comp makes me wanna actually put it together. They have some mp3s on their site, which I downloaded and have been listening to a lot. Who knows, I may break down and order the disc. Check ’em out for an idea of the post-rock (whatever) “sound” I’m talking about.

I don’t think it’s strange that I put whatever I want on the blog. I’m not worried about who sees what or what impact it might have on whomever. I’m not concerned about people reading the blog and thinking I’m crazy. Yeah I write it for an audience, but I also write it for the hell of it. I would write it if people didn’t read it, I’ve been doing it for years – just not online. I’ve got 500 pages of shit that’s not online, and this is jolly #60 of the stuff that is online. So all you blog haters, take note of my cool and aloof rebel attitude – and don’t step to me… we clear?

Wouldn’t it be cool if people dressed up as you for Halloween? I guess when you see a you costume in the Halloween shops, it’s just another sign that you’ve “made it.” I think a Dave costume would be fly.

Dave out. Party on.

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  1. yeah… it´s the only time i´ve gone back and edited my own blog.

    owell. sorry to those who didn´t get to see it before i pulled it.

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