strange how things turn out

JJ introduced me to the Toxic Avenger, and horror as a genre
So, Frank called me again today – which I thought was odd when I saw his name flash on the caller ID. Turns out he was calling to tell me that JJ Pesek had died. He had seen the obituary in the FL Today and wanted to give me a ring and let me know. After hanging up, I told Sharaun and she pulled up the obit online. What a bummer.

I tried to look through my old middle school yearbooks for a picture or something I could link here, but I didn’t find any. I guess JJ and I really only hung out for about a year, the year before I met Kyle. He signed my 7th grade yearbook twice. Using the infamously funny “First to sign your crack! Me, JJ. Beatles Forever.” and “I will call you every night until you get sick of it. And you will still live at my house Fridays. JJ.” I remember I used to think that he would lose his parents young, because they were so much older than him, and how much that would suck. Strange how things turn out.

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