From:                   Dave

Sent:                    Friday, October 10, 2003 3:02 PM

To:                        Party People in da House

Subject:              Football, beer, meat...


Importance:       Low


Hey guys,


I've decided I'm having an impromptu get-together at my house tonight, in honor of the Friday night college football game.  We will be starting around 5pm, and watching the game until about 8pm.  There will be several tri-tips and luxurious amounts of beer involved.  After the game is over, we can relax with some beer, play cards, Pac Man, whatever.  Although the beer will flow freely, because of recent events I have to enforce a strict no-puking rule on the festivities. 


Just wanted to formally extend the invite to you all, even tho I already kinda talked about it w/some of you.  No need to RSVP or anything.  If you're not busy and bored, come get some beers and we'll see ya later.