8pm in the Everglades.

The oak that was too damp when we bought it last week at a campground up north finally dried some and is burning fairly well in the fire pit, not a showy fire but hot and consistent. Every once in a while it gives one of those massive pops and sprays sparks.

Cohen’s in the RV taking a shower and Keaton’s sitting out with me playing ukulele. The mosquitoes are out so we’re both sprayed down and I’ve set the little portable zapper lamp we got for Christmas ten feet or so away. It’s popped a few bugs, but I’m still unsure if it was worth it.

We rode our bikes to the visitor center today, left around half past ten for the eightish mile round trip. Everyone did well, but we all underestimated the distance, heat (80° today), and difficulty of terrain (grass, some soft almost-mud, and potholed bedrock). We also should’ve put on sunblock, didn’t think we’d be out so long.

It’s beautiful here, I’m glad we came.

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