christmas morning 8am

Kids, somehow, slept in until a little after 7am. Think they were up most of the night so suspect true sleep just caught up to them late.

Sitting on the couch, coffee in hand, watching them open gifts, palm trees and oak and the river the backdrop out the window. Going to be a beautiful sunny 73°F Florida Christmas.

Among other things, Keaton got a new ukulele, Cohen a DIY terrarium kit. As it does Christmas morning every year, their excitement kindled that deep joy in me. Fueled further thinking about the wave of simultaneous generosity and happiness and family rippling westwards across America’s timezones for the next several hours.

I think I could see, with Keaton, at least, that some of the sense of “magic” heretofore experienced may have begun maturing into regular grown-up sentiments of anticipation and happiness. And I’m good with that; as I much as I lament them growing up I do enjoy watching them turn into who they’re going to be.

Soon the brothers- and sisters-in-law and cousins will arrive. We’ll open presents. We’ll eat ham and potatoes and Pop-Pop’s cornbread dressing and Sharaun’s sweet potato casserole. Later we’ll take a walk along the river and the crazy kids leave their new toys idle for a bit and jump in the pool.

Merry Christmas, friends and family. Love and miss you all, for serious.

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