pop-up monsters

Monsters.Oh man I’m glad it’s Friday.

Thursdays at work are slammed.  8am to 5pm, every minute of every hour, including lunch, filled with meetings.  Some of them via phone, some face to face.  Got home at 6:30pm, ate some leftovers, went on a long walk with Keaton while Sharaun was at the gym, and by the time I sat down it was already fast on 9pm.

One morning about a week ago Keaton woke up and rambled on and on about “pop-up monsters” in her room.  From what I can figure, piecing together what bits and pieces I can understand, she had a dream about pop-up monsters that hide in her room.  Apparently, the pop-up variety of monsters are good at hiding, and they only pop-up when they hear you singing.  So, of course, singing alone in your room is out of the question, see?  I mean, if you sing the pop-up monsters will come out and scare you.  Each night now before she goes to bed, she asks me to look behind her bed, under her bed, in her closet, behind her dresser, and behind her rocking chair – just to make sure there are no pop-up monsters hiding.  Gotta watch out for those pop-up monsters.

Tonight I was reading a book to Keaton before she went to bed.  One one page there was a painted picture of a mother and her daughter sitting inside a house.  The was a fire on the hearth and through a large picture window you could see outside.  That painted sky was gray, the painted wind was blowing the painted trees, and it was dusk.  It was such a perfect illustration of Fall I wanted to crawl inside the page with Keaton and stay warm by the fire.  I guess it’s just my Fall-fetish… I can almost feel the season coming on and I just love it so much.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas… sweaters, hats, open windows and doors.  Man I love Fall.

Rambling now.  Goodnight.

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