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Monday night and it’s an 11pm start. As I write these words, I’m sort of doubtful I’ll even hit the “publish” button tonight. But I figured I’d give it a go, because I’m a sport. We were out most of the night, having just returned from a movie with friends (an in-home movie, none of that fancy pre-kid theater stuff). Their place is close, just down the road a piece from us, in fact. Since we had some time before having to be there, I speed-mowed the lawn and showered before departing. And, being that it was a busy and productive day at work today, the mowing and movie-watching made it feel right productive.

I’m taking care of a friend’s place while he and his wife are off on sabbatical (sabbatical, for those new to the blog, is the eight-week vacation my sawmill gives it’s workforce every seven years). I’m supposed to go mow the lawn a few times, pick the ripes from the garden, and monitor the pool. As much as I loathe mowing lawns, I agreed to do the task for a couple reasons. One: I want to be a good friend. Two: I had seized on the job as a way to bond with Keaton a little. Not the lawn-mowing part, but the pool-caring and garden-harvesting parts, rather. My plan is to pack her up in the bike-trailer and ride over (I suppose you think all our friends live close, eh?) to pick tomatoes and green beans and whatnot, then check the chemistry and water level in the pool byt the most accurate means I know of: the “immersion method.”

I have all this stuff I wanted to do on the blog this week.  I wanted to post new pictures of Keaton (I’m way behind), I wanted to do my half-year best-of list, and I wanted to post a new poll.  I’m not sure, what with the trip to Oregon and stuff… I’ll try.


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