been busy

Been busy. Been really busy.

Play with Keaton. Write a blog. Work. Listen to that new album. Play with Keaton. Kiss Sharaun. Write another blog. Work a little on my screenplay. Play with Keaton. Mail some packages. Do some PowerPoint (work). Feed the cat. Take a shower. Pack a suitcase. Do some laundry. Refill prescriptions. Play with Keaton. Kiss Sharaun. Write another blog.

Been busy.

Monday was a rainy day in sunny California. A cold, grey, rainy day that started sometime in the night when the sound of it in the drainpipe woke me up. Having just the day before turned reluctantly turned on the automatic drip system to the wheat for want of precipitation, I actually hauled myself out of bed in the middle of the night and went into the garage to turn it right back off as the drop drummed on the roof – high-stepping across the concrete garage floor in bare feet like it was a frozen lake. The wheat project, I’m afraid to report, seems to have stalled significantly (another reason why I turned on the irrigation, however briefly). The wheat sprouted, looked to be taking off, and then stalled at about a foot high, where it’s been now for over a month. I’m not too familiar with the growing cycle of winter wheat, but I doubt there’s a massive stalling period at a foot… Who knows what’ll happen there, guess I’ll have to wait and see.

The wooden bar in our closet fell off its little holders the other day, sending unknown pounds of clothing to the ground in crumpled lumps. Ironically, everything’s still on the hangers, snug on the rod, which know lays askew, pointed at the sky through a bunch of hangers stuck in the pile of clothes on the ground. Sharaun said it made a loud noise when it happened, scared her. I was out of town, so I don’t know. I do know that I was here all weekend, and even took Monday off, and I didn’t touch the massive heap that’s spilling out the opened door into our bedroom hallway. I kept telling myself that, while Keaton napped one day, I’d go in there and clean it all up, re-hang the bar, and have it back to normal for when Sharaun got home. But, I never did. As much as I bug Sharaun for not getting “enough done” during the days when I’m at work, I kinda realize how hard it is to be motivated to do work during the short few hours where you can actually get some rest. Empathy… I know thee.

Well, I’m off. On the plus side, I managed to finish off my year-end “best albums” list in addition to this entry tonight, and now all I have to do is format it up and set it to magically auto-publish at midnight Friday. I know the interweb is just wet with anticipation. Goodnight.

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