elephant’s memory

Hooray for Monday… Back from a weekend of camping with friends and family. My brother’s time in town ends today as he heads north to see my folks for a while, was good having him here and I’m glad he got to meet Keaton. We took camping-with-baby to the next level this weekend by pulling off a two-day trip. Keaton took to it fine, but then she is an infant and is relatively easygoing regardless of her surroundings. I was happy, however, that we were still able to enjoy some commune with nature and campfire and tent – despite now being laden with child. For those of you who like pictures, I’ve added two new galleries to the media page: check out the camping trip here, then wash those down with my week twelve update to Keaton’s gallery.

The other night I had the strangest dream. It was now, and by that I mean Sharaun and I were married and had a little baby girl named Keaton who we fawned over incessantly. In the dream, I was going through my normal daily motions: holding the baby, changing the baby, staring at the baby, talking about the baby… y’know, all things baby. Then, out of the blue, I had a realization: Sharaun and I had another child, prior to Keaton, a little boy – and we’d forgotten all about him. I rushed back to the bedroom and there he was, sitting there all alone, unloved and forgotten. My heart broke as I instantly remembered loving that boy as much as I had been loving Keaton just minutes ago, I remembered Sharaun and I showering him with attention and staring at him, transfixed by his every expression. But we’d forgotten all about him, I hadn’t even remembered we had him – and I felt awful. What a dream, eh? Wonder what the heck that means…

Goodnight friends, the pictures will make up for the rest.

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