Today was the first day I could afford to slack.
I’m back. If only I could offload this NYC trip next week, I’d be perfectly happy. The laundry has overflowed the hamper in the closet, and is spilled out in piles on the floor. I have to step over mounds of it to get to my clean clothes on hangers. It’s been that way since the three weeks in Taiwan, we’ve just never caught up from that, and combined with my other travel… things around the house are pretty much stagnating. Going away for another week will only perpetuate my nagging “barely keeping up” feeling. I need some time to be where I normally am and catch up on my normal routine. Oh, and I’m’a get it… I’m’a definitely get it after this New York trip… when travel should dry up for a good couple months.

Filmmakers, advertisers, and marketers, as part of your target demographic – I have to tell you something that may shock you: The seemingly always-funny combination of elderly people and hip-hop music/culture is not funny anymore. It’s just not funny anymore. Yeah sure, I can remember the day when I once got a chuckle from that old lady spitting classic Sugar Hill in that one movie teaser. But guys, that was a looong time ago. Geriatric Ebonics is past it’s prime, much like the only-for-white-people-now 1980s “-izzle” speak that Snoop brought back into vogue – it’s just over. As a marketing device that made middle-aged white people feel relevant, it was a screaming success… but nothing can last forever. Even totally awesome marketing campaigns eventually come to an end. R.I.P. Bud Bowl, Coors Twins, and yes… rappin’ granny. Your time has, mercifully, come to an end.

Usually, I hate to write about TV… mostly because I hate to think that a television show could be an important enough part of my life to were I’d spend time writing about it. But, I’m gonna break my unwritten writing rule and write about TV. Recently, one of the networks or cable channels starting replaying the series “Lost” from the beginning. Sharaun and I had heard quite a bit about the show previously, so we decided to sic a TiVo season pass on it. The other night, we finally got around to starting it – and I was immediately rapt. This show was seemingly written with me in mind. It’s got people stranded on a desert island, using their wits and brawn to survive, which by itself is enough reason for me to tune in. But on top of the island thing, it’s got secret codes and stuff. The other night, Pat was saying that all it needed to be stolen from my brain was a Henry’s Bar on the island. Anyway, I watched three episodes last night, and kicked off the downloads for episodes 4-12 when I got home from work tonight. The plan was to watch them as they air over the summer, but having them at my fingertips on the intarweb is just too irresistible to pass up. OK… sorry.

I leave you with a tale of blogging in the news again, goodnight.

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