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Been checking prices on fog machines lately, the non-Halloween prices are much cheaper. My little machine does 3500 CFM, but I want something in the 20,000 CFM range. I want so much fog this Halloween that the fire department has to come to make sure the place ain’t burning down.

Busy day yesterday, saw a US civilian get his head sawn off by hooded captors. Not the CNN or Fox News version, but the uncut version. Brutal. How can someone feel so much hate that they can kill an unrelated, innocent human just because of their nationality? I don’t understand that hate, obviously. Hey, I’d be mad about my people being tortured too – but enough to kill the first English-speaking white dude I find? I think not.

Some peoples’ reactions to the whole incident are almost as disturbing. So many references to “turning that whole country into glass.” I say I don’t understand the hate these people must feel, but apparently we have plenty of people here who not only understand it – they return it. Honestly, I know intelligent, rational people who think we need to “nuke” these heathen nations into extinction. Their rationale goes something like “they all hate us anyway, and they’re killing us.” I’ve heard “that’s what we did in Japan, and that ended that war.” Shit people, are you for real? You think annihilating these people is the answer? Genocide, you’re behind that? I’ve got friends who refer to “those people” as a “plague on the world, the vermin of the earth” if you will.

In a simplified view, the real danger out there isn’t Iraq or Al Qaeda or Muslims or terrorists – it’s ignorant people. I don’t care what color or religion or nationality you are, if you’re ignorant enough to abide such hate – you’re the enemy. The only problem with this logic is, some people are brainwashed and purposely kept in ignorance by a select few, so these few can exploit the masses. If, from day one, you’re taught to believe that it’s noble and heroic to kill the Zionist infidels – you’re gonna try and bag as many Zionist infidels as possible. Regardless of these brainwashed-masses’ culpability for their ingrained beliefs – ignorance still plays a role the way they get to such a state. Right? Is it too much to think that intelligence will cause people to question things that just don’t seem right? If your mullah or grand dragon or prophet is telling you to kill people because he says so, will not the smart man ask “why?” Too optimistic?

Because, I want to believe that people can “know” right from wrong, on a very base level. If you’re ignorant enough to think that nuking the whole middle east is the solution to our problems, you’re no different than the paranoid white-pride southerner who blames the Jews for his failed business ventures. And if you’d be proud to push the red button and blast them all yourself, you’re no better than those assholes who crashed planes into our buildings. I can’t believe real people think like that anyway, it blows me away.

Well anyway, once again I’ve failed to communicate what I wanted to say. But this is what I’m posting, so at least I tried. Dave out.

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  1. I don´t understand how suicide bombers are convinced to do their work. Here is how it should go down…
    evil manipulator: "i want you to do a suicide bombing for me"
    potential bomber: "why can´t you do it your self"

    or another situation (credit to cynthia)
    evil manipulator: "i want you to do a suicide bombing for me"
    potential bomber: "i think you should lead by example"

    I´m with you on the glass comment Dave. That won´t solve anything.

  2. Hello Dan,

    I am the spokesperson and representative of the National Glass Association. We are the largest trade association representing the flat (architectural and automotive) glass industry. I happened upon your comment, especially the last part about glass not solving anything. I want to let you know that I wholeheartedly disagree with your statement and would like to convince you otherwise.

    The U.S. glass industry employs approximately 1.24 million people and accounts for approximately 2% of the country´s GDP. We provide glass products for homes, office and commercial buildings, and automobiles. Just think about all the glass around you and how it has changed your life for the better. Dan, I say to you that glass is your friend.

    I sincerely hope that I have changed your mind about glass in some small way. I don´t know what suicide bombers have to do with the glass industry, but I want to assure you that we don´t hire those people. Please visit our website for more information.

  3. I think you missed the point of my comment Stuart. I know all about glass. I´m actually invested in the glass industry becaue I know its a steady producer. I´m personaly offended by all those sodas sold in aluminum cans. Anyway the glass comment was directed to a comment over heard at work. The comment was "we should just drop the nuke and turn the whole place into glass". My only point was that it wouldn´t be right no matter how much glass would be made.

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