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Lazy is good.
A good weekend, felt nice and slow – like I like ’em. I must’ve caught a awful sleepin’ in bug, because I didn’t wake up until after 10am on both Saturday and Sunday. It didn’t seem to suck the productivity out of the weekend though, as I got a lot of yardwork done on Saturday. I’m trying to get the backyard as prepped as possible for the upcoming work-season (when the weather turns). I really can’t wait to get back out there and get to work. I hope to have the sprinklers, sod, and patio done this summer. We’ll see.

While in Taiwan, I realized that my laptop bag is way too heavy. I mean, I was carrying around so much random and unnecessary junk, all of it heavy. I had all sorts of cables and cords and converters for every country in the world. As well as my old TI-89 graphing calculator and it’s 100+ page manual. I decided that when I got home I would give it a thorough cleaning and slim it down a bit. After said cleaning, I was left with my calculator and manual and the link cable for it. Well, after reminiscing about all the good days of LaPlace transforms, differential equations, and 8-bit grayscale Mario Bros., I decided that I’ll never need the horsepower of that calculator again. So, onto Ebay it went. Hopefully it will fetch me a bit of money to help pay for the Garbage Pail Kids I just ordered (shhh, don’t tell Sharaun).

On Sunday, I spent some time redesigning and putting the finishing touches on my Pac Man pages. I wanted to create a nice menu system, and finally add all the pictures and content I’ve needed to upload. I used a free DHTML menu builder to create the nice rollover menu system, and took some new pictures for the results page. I think the final product came out really nice. I still want to add a few things to the pages, but they’re now the most complete they’ve been since I launched the site. I seem to be getting more and more feedback on them lately, and people seem to be enjoying them.

This Wednesday night is the Unicorns show, which I’m really excited about. Since this week is Noise Pop, we’re staying overnight in the city on Friday to catch a triad of shows. I used to book a hotel in the city hall district which is in walking distance to the GAMH. We should be able to hoof it to the show on Friday night, and then figure out the best way to hit the double-feature on Saturday. Should make for a fun weekend and some good music.

I have several very vivid memories of college life, but one of my most vivid is of one single even that, for whatever reason, got stuck in my brain as a particularly enjoyable one. It was around noon one day, and I was walking around campus by the engineering library. My next class wasn’t for another few hours, but I didn’t want to leave campus because I had no car and the bus trip back and forth wasn’t worth the amount of time I’d be at home. So I was sitting in the sun reading. A couple buddies of mine spotted me and we chatted for a while when we realized that none of us had class until later that afternoon. So, we decided to walk across the street to a little bar/grill called The Swamp and get some lunch.

The weather was so nice, and The Swamp had a big-screen TV pulled out into the courtyard area and was playing a mid-week football game (as they often did during sunny warm days). We ordered some sandwiches and a pitcher of beer. Because the Florida sun can get hot, they had these awesome pitchers with a frozen core that kept the beer nice and frosty to the last drop. Halfway through the sandwiches, we ordered another pitcher – and we’d gotten pretty tied up in watching the game. And, as that cycle replayed itself over and over, we found ourselves watching the sun go down. Having missed our classes, gotten completely off our heads, and watched a game and a half – we just decided to stay. We hung out until 8ish, then caught buses to our respective homes. Full of beer and sunburned, I remember being so content. What a great day, and far better memories than what I would’ve picked up in whatever classes I missed.

Until tomorrow, did you know the corn nuts are just deep-fried corn?. See ya.

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