time again

Pizza time!
Time in Florida going well, been relaxing, eating, relaxing, and eating. Today spent some time hanging out with old friends and catching up, which was good. Tomorrow we’re spending time with Sharaun’s grandmother, Thursday’s booked, and Friday’s filling up too. Today I decided to have go number two at the “one liner” idea; they’re actually pretty fun (and easy) to write.

Sharaun says I act differently when I’m around my “old” friends than I do around my current friends. I think we just talk more about “old” stuff since that’s what we have most in common these days; maybe that’s what she means.

This Andrew Bird album is making for some great “pregnant Christmas in Florida” memories.

I’m really happy with how my beard is shaping up, now I just want it to hurry up and get all Bible-thick and bushy.

I’ve always wondered why A&M colleges are predominantly black. Anyone know?

With Lil’ Chino on the way, and it being Christmastime, I find myself thinking forward three years and getting excited about assembling dollhouses and Barbie toys at midnight on Christmas Eve.

Despite my pre-Christmas worries, I think I managed to do pretty well with Sharaun’s gifts in my limited, last-minute shopping.

Sharaun has also cheered my beard, but is dead-against the Bible-thick thing.

Goodnight folks.

something new

Rambling fancy around the globe.
I’m going to try something new today, something I think may be fun and help alleviate “bloggers block” in times of trouble (which, thankfully, has not been a problem lately). I’ll call it “one liners,” and entries of this kind will get their own little category in the sidebar. Hopefully, this’ll be something quick and dirty I can do when time is tight and/or I don’t care to write. Today, however, is neither of those – but I had to kick it off somehow.

I’ve decided to grow a beard, at least until I get tired of it or get enough criticism about it.

Right now I feel anxious, nervous, and restless. Not for me, for my brother.

I can’t help smiling every time I see my wife’s big fat belly.

7pm and I haven’t yet begun to pack; it’s because I don’t want to go.

I feel guilty leaving Sharaun alone for another week of travel.

Our refrigerator broke this week, and we’re currently storing all our perishables in a cooler full of ice on the back porch.

I’ve not yet bought anything for my wife for Christmas, and am afraid I won’t have time enough to get her something meaningful.

9pm and I’m completely packed and ready to go; it’s because I have to.

Well, that’s it; the new thang. I can’t really claim it’s 100% original, as I stole the general idea from largehearted boy’s “shorties.”

Goodnight and, until India, goodbye.