alone in a park with wind

Ranger came by while Sharaun and I were out for walk during a break in the rain. Told the kids that they’re closing the road out due to high winds, so if we weren’t already planning on staying the night (we were), we’re stuck now. Said that, with the already saturated ground, there’s a risk of trees coming down in the camping area. Makes sense, there are lots of trees. One of them is this close:

Said that we’re welcome to move the rig to the big open parking lot if we want. I was not inclined to do so, citing statistics, but Sharaun was, also, just as validly, citing statistics. So after lunch I think we’ll pop-in and find a flat open spot away from any potential woody trip-ruiners.

It’s past dinner now. All the dishes are done and the countertops wiped down. We’re in our new spot in the parking lot. The single other camper in the campground (National Park to ourselves) pulled alongside us, I guess also deciding to heed the ranger’s warning. There’s no one else around. They’ve closed all the gates. It’s kinda neat.

Over the past hour we can hear the wind rising. Ranger said it might hit 70mph on the south side of the park, where we camped the first two nights. Dunno about here. River’s topped the road where we wanted to do our bike ride tomorrow so that’s out. Ranger said it’s rising 2.5ft per hour and won’t crest until the middle of the night, six hours after the rain stopped.

There’s no trees around us. It’s not as scenic, but I suppose it’s wisdom.


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