the back nine

More than halfway, friends.

I’m not sad. In fact, leaving Florida after our multi-day stay I got a new shot of enthusiasm for the days that are still ahead.

We were a mite concerned that the time in the Sunshine State might leave us less than ready to retake to the road, but, for me, it served to refresh me and give me time to think about just how much fun we’ve already had and how much is still to come.

So now we’re driving (OK Sharaun is). We’ve done another slight rip-up and re-route, deciding we want to spend a few days camped beachside on the Gulf instead of in a forest in Mississippi. I think it’ll be a wise trade. Before that we’ll eat lunch with done old friends Alabama.

Look for a new video from Keaton tonight, until then I’ll try and do these phone posts more often. See ya.

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