a vacation surrounding

In the morning in Florida when you sit on the right couch in my in-laws’ living room you can see the river across the yard.

About a quarter-mile through the palm and oak and across the short-cropped St. Augustine is the water.  Sharaun and I talked about how much we didn’t notice the scenery all those years we lived here – but it really is beautiful.  Right now it’s still early and the sun’s at a slant so it’s just glancing off the tops of all the leaves, looks awesome.  I can see it reflecting off the water of the pool onto the ceiling of the porch outside, rippling.  All of it together is close to perfect for a vacation surrounding.

I ate too much yesterday,  need to watch that.  We picked a day to head over to Disney… after Christmas.  I read some of my book and played with babies and watched television.  I didn’t check e-mail.  I texted with some friends back in California.  It was a great day.


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