i’ll cook the pancakes

Been a busy week blog.

Up in Oregon for the first couple days and then opted to stay home Wednesday to deal with all manner of decision-making prior to returning to work.  It’s ’round about 10pm on that same “work from home” Wednesday now and I’m just sitting down to write.  Sharaun’s watching bobsled on the Olympics.  I don’t get bobsled.  Feels to me like I’m watching someone ride a roller coaster.  What’s the skill?  The internet says it’s braking and steering.  OK fine, but cross-country skiing it ain’t (and hey, even cross-country skiing is a boring “sport” to watch, in my opinion).

Sharaun leaves tomorrow for Florida.  She’s going to be with her family and visit Mimi.  Mimi’s still in the hospital; still in ICU.  It’s frustrating to not entirely know what’s wrong with her, and to have things seemingly vary so much from day to day.  Being so far away from it all only compounds that frustration.  I’ve been urging Sharaun to go for a couple days, but I don’t think she was “ready” until just today.  Ideally I’d love for Keaton and I to be able to too, but it seemed important to me that at least she go now.  I know it will be a stressful and maybe emotional trip for her but I also think it’ll be worth it.   And, God willing, when Mimi makes it through she’ll perhaps thank Sharaun for coming.  Anyway she leaves in the afternoon, and Keaton and I will be on our own.

Keaton turns four this weekend.  I think that was another big factor in Sharaun not wanting to go.  I know it pains her to not be here for the actual day.  She’s informed folks that any sanctioned party will be delayed, but not being able to wake up and cook her some birthday pancakes for breakfast is tough for her.  So I’ve promised I’ll give her a fun day.  I’m trying to think of something creative for us to do… something that’ll make good memories and that’ll (being honest here) earn me some more of that “you’re such a great dad” praise I so love from Sharaun.  I’ve promised her I’ll cook the pancakes, I’ll bake a cake, I’ll get her a card.  Even still, I know she’ll miss being here.  I would too.


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