as the week wanes

I could jump off and sail away forever...Tuesday night and I just got done putting Keaton down.  Sharaun had volleyball so we spent some time together listening to music, playing Jenga (a favorite of hers), and, in a late fit of productivity, deciding to make cookies.

Baking with Keaton is kind of a “thing” of mine.  We do it quite a bit.  Banana bread, cookies, etc., it’s just a good sharing, learning, constructive time together.  Tonight I asked her what kind of cookies she wanted and she answered, “Chocolate chip marshmallow.”  Hmmm… OK…. well if anyone knows if such a cookie exists, it’s gonna be the internet.  So I took to the iPhone and Googled, and up they popped, top return.  Like all cooks worth their stained aprons, we had to improvise a little.  Using shortening substituted for a lack of butter, and we scissored-up both Hershey bars and big marshmallows to take the place of chocolate chips and miniature marshmallows.  Unsurprisingly, they turned out divine, and we were vindicated in our experimentation.  Even Sharaun wolfed them down.

The weather here in Northern California turned Fallish today.  Clouds skittered around up in the sky, the temperatures dipped, and a wind came up.  Around 9am a friend popped on my instant messenger at work.  “I bet you’re loving today,” she said.  Yes, yes… my predilection for Fall is well known and well-documented here on the blog.  I’m excited about the work we’re doing on the house going into this end-of-year season; I think of it as “cozying up” the place or something.  I’ve written before about my strange attachment to the size and shape of our modest house, and going into winter I tend to think of it as a perfect little womb where we can hide away from the cold and wind and rain and be comfortable with what we have.  It’s part of the reason I like investing in improving the place… since I see it as one of those little “caves” I could live in.

Early gym tomorrow… gotta hit the sack.  Not before a few cookies though… need a reason to be in the gym, after all.  Goodnight.

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