friday in blog-time

Barely awake.Thursday night; which means Friday in blog-time.

We went out for dinner to celebrate Kerry’s birthday, and Sharaun dropped Keaton and I off at the house so I could cover bedtime duty while she joined the others for a little afterparty.  With Keaton in bed, I have the house to myself.

As always, this means some uninterrupted music-and-computer tine.

The iPod fortuitously shuffled up a song that I absolutely adore: “Queen of Hearts” by Gregg Allman, specifically the impeccable live version from 1974’s Gregg Allman Tour record.  If you’ve never heard this song; you simply must.

[audio:02 Queen Of Hearts.mp3]

Stick with it, I know it’s long… but wait until that saxophone comes in.  Is that not passion? Tell me that doesn’t soar.  Because, it does.  It totally does.  Wives, share that one with your husbands… there’s something soulful and wanting about it that I think all men can identify.  Or, I suppose it could just be me…

And… it’s near eleven and I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open.  Goodnight.

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