Sunday evening, the sun on it’s way out and the house is at it’s warmest from being open all day, baking.

I just came in from an afternoon spent working around the yard; one of my rare fits of activity. Was a good one though: got the lawn mowed, fixed a couple busted sprinklers (the tough ones, where you have to dig a trench and redo pipe and whatnot), tinkered in the garden, and finally got around to finishing up the mending I had to do on the fence ever since it blew down waaaaay back when (seriously, it was a long time ago). The work got bonus points because I got to use both my circular and jig saws, as well as my sawhorses. Any man’ll tell you, he loves getting to use the tools he spends so much money collecting. Makes me feel virile… might not wanna get near me, may end up with twins just from my scent.

Today is both my Monday and Friday this week, as we leave bright and early tomorrow morning for a week-ish long (or short, rather) vacation in Florida. The plan is simple: Some beach time, some time by the pool, maybe some molasses-based Southern barbecue, and a good bit of time with family and friends. I’ll tell you this: I’m ready for a vacation. Work has picked up of late, and looks to be aimed in that general direction for the next few months. I actually think I may have squandered my downtime… shame on me. At least we’re getting away though – and I can’t wait to see if Keaton is a little more keen on the sand and waves this time around, since she’s getting so much better in the pool.

The other day Sharaun found one of these Fisher Price kids’ digital camera things at the local Goodwill. I’d never heard of the things before, but she apparently had – and she realized the $3.99 pricetag was a steal, even if the thing didn’t turn out to be in working order she figured it for a worthwhile gamble. When she got it home, I opened it up and put in 4 AA batteries and one coin battery, put it all back together, and turned it on. Thing fired up and worked perfectly. I bet the folks who sold it either didn’t realize they needed to replace the coin battery, that, or it was stolen… one of those.

Keaton absolutely loves the thing, and acts like a professional photographer when she has it. She point it at you and say, “Onetwothree smile!,” before she snaps. The pictures are fairly poor quality, something like a tiny cellphone camera, but she still enjoys it. It has enough built-in memory for her to take about sixty or so photos, but I noticed it also had a SD card slot. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any spare SD cards, but I did have a gig MMC card I’d bought long ago when I was in Taiwan, it was for an old Nokia phone. Since MMC and SD are pretty much the same thing with just slight physical differences, I figured I’d try. I slid right in and worked great.

Anyway, I figure I may feature some of Keaton’s photography soon here on sounds familiar, so keep an eye out for that. And, while I have no firm plans for blogging or not-blogging while we’re in Florida, I can forsee a slow week (or, maybe all that free time will mean lots of writing… who knows). One thing I do want to try and do is my annual halfway best-of list… but, again, who knows.

Goodnight folks!

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  1. I’ve been meaning to get one of those cameras for the boys. They’ve been pretending the toy mp3 player you guys got them for their 1st birthday is a camera. They go around saying “cheese!”…a word I never use when taking pictures!

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