judgement day

Will he make it?
My dad’s birthday was this past weekend. My cellphone even went off to remind me, and I snoozed it telling myself to send a card. But, alas, I missed it. That puts me at three missed-birthdays for my folks (two for mom, one for dad). And yeah, it really makes you feel like shit. Having spent years perfecting my avoidance strategy with respect to uncomfortable situations – I’ve yet to call my pops and wish him a happy belated. What kinda kid chronically forgets his folks’ birthdays? One in his late-20s you say? Well yeah, that’s what I’d like to think too. My negligence is a product of my self-centered age bracket… where my life hinges on my friends and my job. I swear dad, I knew it was your birthday, and I mean to send a card… I even went downstairs at work to pick one up. Who knows what happened. Put another tick in the “terrible son” column and go back to loving me unconditionally OK? Thanks.

Today I came home all motivated to put in another 6hrs of work, but as it turns out I fell asleep on the couch and am now writing instead. I think I’ll get to some work tonight, but perhaps not quite as much as I did yesterday. Now, tomorrow evening at 5pm is my big pre-conference review meeting, where I get to debut my far-behind-schedule materials. I’m less concerned than I was previously, mainly because I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s just gonna be a photo-finish. I’m OK with that, I just hope I don’t get torn up over it too much in the meeting.

Wait… no one wants to hear about this, right? What do you want to hear about instead? What’s in-vogue with bloggers these days? Music?

So, the Desaparicidos were a one-off thing. As much as I loved that album, I can live with the fact that there’ll never be another one. Sometimes it’s better that way, like with the Unicorns’ Who’ll Cut Our Hair…, I don’t think the could’ve followed up that record. But, even tho I’ll never hear Connor with the Desa’s again – this new album by Little Brazil works nicely as a stand-in. A little bouncier and less afraid to slow it down, but it elicits the same rockish excitement when I hear it. Vintage sounding, with catchy phrasing and hooks, I’m all about it. Check it out if you’re not a pussy. Oh wow, I just read up on this band – and the bass player is the bass player from Desaparicidos! I swear, I didn’t know that before writing this paragraph. He either plays a super distinctive bass (hard to do), or has a lot of creative influence on his bands.

Roughly three months to go and this website turns two. Two years of writing. That’s a lot of writing. Some of it is good, some of it isn’t. I like to use the “random entry” link on the sidebar on occasion, just to see what comes up. It’s fun to remember writing certain things. I’m actually happy I’m still doing it, I couldn’t really have known I’d keep up with it back when I started. Based on the page’s statistics, I still don’t have a very big readership, and even less of what I do have are what you’d call “regulars.” But, I do see some IPs pop up pretty frequently – so thanks for sticking with me when I was boring, or when I was drunk, or whatever. I sometimes surprise myself by finding the time to write every day… but I’m glad I do it. Two years… man, that seems like forever. I tell you what, I’ll keep writing if you promise to check back every now and then and keep reading, OK? Deal.

Stumbled across this the other day online, and I love it. What a cool idea. This is the kinda stuff I love the internet for.


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