tired of writing

Get it?
What? I didn’t write last night because I didn’t feel like writing… that’s all. I don’t do that much, I’ve pretty much always got a paragraph or two in me. And, in fact, I did write a little last night – some rambling pointless paragraph about the weight of a US banknote and how much a million dollars would weigh in different denominations. Don’t ask, I have no idea. Maybe I’ll tack it onto the end of this one for a lark… I’m not gonna be able to use it otherwise. Right now though, I’ve got that don’t-wanna-write feeling again.

This morning, as I was dressing myself for the day (I can do it!), I went to grab my sneakers. Unlike some, I’m not really a snob when it comes to shoes. Sharaun usually buys me season-old Nikes at some discount store, and I’m happy with them. I don’t jog, or play sports, or really give my sneakers any workout beyond mowing the lawn – so I don’t demand much from my shoes. Usually, I get some generic looking white and blue Nikes. But when I went to grab my sneakers this morning, I noticed that the inside fabric on one was blue, while it was white on the other. Thinking it strange that I’d never noticed the dichotomy before – I took a closer look. Guess what? I guess my old pair of generic looking white and blue Nikes looked a lot like my current pair of generic looking blue and white Nikes. And – I’ve been wearing the left shoe of one pair with the right shoe of another for, oh, what must be a couple weeks now. That’s right people, I’ve been wearing two different shoes for weeks, and haven’t even noticed. I have no fashion.

Nobody can tell a brother?

Weekend time.

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