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Many a night started off right sitting here.
I know, I’ve been listening to this album for nigh on a month straight now – but I still crave it on the drive to work in the morning. Even with new and excellent distractions like the Mono and Dungen albums, I find myself still coming back to it, over and over. I like it so much I gotsta get it to you, so here ’tis – fresh and steaming, the 2nd cut off the Arcade Fire album Funeral. Enjoy. In addition, I dunno what language this guy is singin’ in, but the album is just indomitably rad? but don’t take my word for it, listen to this and be convinced. The intro paragraph is over, but here’s more music from Dungen and Arcade Fire.

Remember the last time I was in Taiwan? Yeah, I do too. Anyway, I was there for two whole weeks that last time. That’s the kind of stint where a brother starts feelin’ right comfortable near the end. I mean, the hotel is where I’ve gone home to for two weeks every night, so the hotel gets to feeling quite a bit like a surrogate home. And the hotel work puts us up in while in Taipei is nothing but class, class all the way I tell you. I mean, I’ve written about the princely way guests are treated, the plush accommodations, and awesome staff – because they really do cater to your every whim. I love staying there, I love heading to the bar each night for a bloody mary or two, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m half way ’round the world from my real life – I might not mind staying at that hotel forever. Anyway, this is going somewhere, I promise.

Last time I was there, I had accumulated some twenty-odd nights of patronage at the hotel this year, and they give you little perks based on the amount of time you stay within a year. I had gotten little manicure kits, free massages and spa treatments, free laundry services, free food, candies on my pillow, all sorts of awesome little goodies. And, having really connected with the bar staff and spent a couple nights going out and karaoking with them, I was more than satisfied with my two-week stay. On my day of departure, the hotel left a feedback form in my room. Having had such an enjoyable stay, I felt obligated to let them know. So, before I went to bed that night I sat down and filled out this little form.

I mentioned how much I enjoyed the stay, and in the write-in portion made sure to compliment the entire staff of Henry’s Bar – giving special nods to Tracy and a friendly waiter who always mixed my bloody mary’s extra well. I also mentioned that the wireless access point that served Henry’s Bar seemed to be flaky. Other than that, I left that little form on my pillow – a glowing review of a well-enjoyed fortnight. And that was that, I had all but forgotten about that little form. Until yesterday, that is.

Yesterday I went to check my “mailbox” at work (really just a big hanging-file cabinet with a folder for me, and everyone else, in it). Lo and behold, a letter from the hotel! Get a load of this (click for a larger version):

Your opinion counts.

Oh man, that is classic. First off, it tells me that this hotel most likely responds to each and every piece of feedback they receive – which is just another example of how rad the place is. Second, on the whole it’s just crackin’ me up. They make it sound like the spotty wireless in the bar ruined my otherwise spotless trip to Eden, like I was gonna be doing serious work in a smoky bar half-torn on bloody marys. I only wanted an internet connection to surf around and maybe read Fark or something. And I love how they acknowledge my comments about the bar staff and waiter in particular, just awesome. If I was a VIP at twenty-some nights, I’m gonna be a freakin’ rock star the next time I go. What a great letter, I love that hotel.

Did you guys read this? Do people not read? Or don’t care that this was why we voted for war? Sorry, I almost managed a whole entry. This blog has inline media, and as a rule that means I don’t type as much. For more reading, check out this site – pretty interesting stuff.

G’night, Dave out.

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