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Still early... 2003

OK, some things are a-brewin' in the Mysterians arena of late. I know the pages have gone relatively un-updated in quite a while, but I hope to change that soon. I'm planning on adding info on the new French EP release from Magic Records (see below for details), and adding some more info to the individual disc pages.

In other good news, several record mags have reported lately that there is a Cameo-Parkway boxset underway, and that several as-yet-unreleased recordings, including "96 Tears," are being remastered from the original master tapes for inclusion! If this is true, it's great news! Look here for news as things develop. Until later... keep rockin'!!

Early... 2003

Breaking news! A very kind visitor to this page shot me a quick e-mail to say that CD Universe is offering a new version of the original ? and the Mysterians French EP for sale on CD!

This EP advertises that it's been remastered using "24-bit technology." While I'm not 100% convinced of the whole "24-bit remastering" thing (you can remaster using 1024-bit technology for all I care, but it wont change a thing if your "master" is clean vinyl and not the original reel), the sound on this release does indeed surpass that of the grey market releases listed on this site. This is probably the best sounding version of "96 Tears" that you'll find, and considering that it's the only legit commercially available version of the oringal 1966 recording - it's classified as a "must have!"

The legality of this release is questionable, so my advice would be to jump on it as quickly as you possibly can - before the label goes out of business, CD Universe pulls the item, or ABKCO catches on. So, without futher ado, here's a direct link to buy this newly remastered original version of 96 Tears!!

Buy the "96 Tears / I Need Somebody" French EP

And while you're there, check out these other worthwhile ? and the Mysterians titles:

? and the Mysterians - ? and the Mysterians (1997 remake, not original recordings)
? and the Mysterians - Feel It! The Very Best Of (2001 remake, not original recordings)
? and the Mysterians - Do You Feel It Baby? (1998 live album, reunion)
? and the Mysterians - More Action (1999 remake, not original recordings)

Mid-year... 2002

So, as you can see by my ambiguous dating of these updates - I'm still not fully committed to telling you how often I'm working on these pages ;) Well, although it may not appear like it - I have been doing some "behind the scenes" work. The page is now hosted on a new server, and I've been editing the style sheets and helping reduce page-load time. Also, I've made some changes to the biography info - since I've received updated info from the bandmembers themselves. I've got more new content stored up that's just begging to be added to the site, and I'm currently working on restoring the mp3 section. Ahhh, promises promises...

In the new year... 2002

The server which hosted the mp3s has gone down. As of now I have no immediate plans to bring the songs back online, but time permitting I may add them back. On the upside, most of the tracks can easily be found on any one of the many file-sharing apps that are out there. I myself have found the pharaohweb.com rips on BearShare, Morpheus, and WinMX - so happy hunting! Thanks for the continued support and feedback!

I should start to date these...

OK, today I uploaded the info and review for the "30 Original Recording" cd. Check it out on the "Discs, Records, and Reviews" section. I am also working on a complete rework of the site layout and navigation, but it remains to be seen if I will be satisfied enough with it to switch from the current layout.

again in mid-2001

Wow, two updates in as many days! Today I added the complete lyrics for the original "96 Tears" album (painstakingly transcribed by yours truly!). I have also started working on the pages for the "More Action," "Feel It!," and "30 Originals" discs. Minor fixes to the site were also made, extensively cleaned up the style sheet, and some formatting and linking issues were seen to. Keep checking back for a discography update and much more!


Well, well, well. Here I am back in front of the monitor again. Coding on, of all things, my long forgotten ? and the Mysterians site. I can hardly believe it myself. First, thanks to all of you for continued support, even in times of virtually no news and updates. Second, I am hoping to get back to this site, and maintain it as it should be.
And now, for the updates. It's about time that I put the lyrics to "96 Tears" on the site, it's one of my most asked questions via e-mail. And, probably the second most asked - tabs. I have 2 sets of tabs up now for "96 Tears," and hopefully more songs to come. I also hope to add the complete album lyrics sometime soon as well. So, until that next update, check the newly created "Lyrics and Music" section for the tabs and such. Thanks!

more late 2000 news

The Action mp3 files were mysteriously deleted from the server I was storing them on. Don't really know when or why. I finally got around to uploading them again. Hopefully this will make everyone happy and also get rid of some of those funny download errors people were complaining about from the old server. Both albums are now on the same server, so they should be OK. Thanks for all the continued support.

sometime a little later in 2000

Everything seems to have migrated to the new server OK - I hope everyone made the switch alright. Doing the re-work on the page layout made me realize that this page does need some work, and I have a bunch of material laying around I've been meaning to upload - but just never got around to it. I am going to make a conscious effort to put up lyrics, tabs, and some more information on discs. However, these updates will most likely be slow going. Please hang in there!

sometime in late 2000

Well, we've moved to our own domain. I must say, I have really slacked on this page of late. As my focus in life has changed somewhat, I have not updated regularly at all. I am going to continue to keep this page online as a source of information, however - I will be updating less and less frequently. I may also take longer to reply to e-mails. Please enjoy the site as it is - and I'll try to update when I can. Thanks to everyone.