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Want to Help Make This the Best "?" Site Online??

There are several things that this site lacks that I could use some help with! And I am once again accepting submissions!! If you want to help me make this site the #1 online resource for Mysterians fans, check and see if there's anything on the list below that you can give me a hand with, and if so - drop a line. I will be sure to give proper credit where it's due! I know you fans are out there, so let's band together and make this site better for everyone!!

Here is a list of things that it would be great to have some help with :
  • Any info on additional discs that I have not mentioned, legitimate or otherwise.

  • Articles about the band, preferably older - but anything would be appreciated (I want to start a press archive).

  • I know there was someone I used to be in contact with who had a lot of info about the guys' music, but it was all in Spanish and I never got around to translating it and posting it. Well, I would LOVE to have that info back - I lost it in the great Hard Drive Crash of '99 - and if said person is still out there, it'd be great to hear from you again!!

  • Any pics of the guys, candid or hard at work. I want to put some pictures up as well. Please though, e-mail me before you send a picture and let me know you're going to be doing it - what file type, how big is it, etc. Please don't just send scans un-announced.

  • Any other interesting tidbits you may have that you think could enhance the site. Thanks!!