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? and the Mysterians : Action
Label : Move
Cat. Num. : MOVE 3001
Year of Rel. : not known
Total Time : 27:35
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Tracks :
1 Girl (You Captivate Me) 2:18
2 Can't Get Enough of You Baby 1:57
3 Got To 2:24
4 I'll Be Back 2:02
5 Shout 5:28
6 Hangin' On A String 2:15
7 Smokes 1:52
8 It's Not Easy 2:44
9 Don't Hold It Against Me 1:59
10 Just Like A Rose 2:12
11 Do You Feel It 2:24

Reviews of the CD Action :

This is my favorite of all ? and the Mysterians' cd's. The sound quality is comparable to the Merlin release of "96 Tears," excellent overall. I know that their biggest hit isn't on this album, but maybe that's why I like it so much. To me, it shows that the group had matured quite a bit in musicianship from their first release. The songs are better arranged and structured, and the tunes are generally better. Remember, this is only my opinion! I love this album. The cover is a reproduction of the original album artwork, and is fairly good. The cd leaves out the track timings (which is a pet peeve of mine), and is kind of sparse on liner notes. The same black and white picture of ? and the boys is shown twice, but the cover has some great pics of what appears to be the group in the studio doing some work. Great shot of ? wailing into the mic! In conclusion, I'd have to say - if you can get it...do! Great cd, great sound, great group!
Liner notes from the Action CD.

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