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CD front cover

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? and the Mysterians : 96 Tears
Label : Merlin
Cat. Num. : MERLIN 003
Year of Rel. : not known
Total Time : 28:06
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Tracks :
1 I Need Somebody 2:13
2 Stormy Monday 2:20
3 You're Telling Me Lies 2:31
4 Ten o'clock 2:03
5 Set Aside 3:03
6 Up Side 2:50
7 "8" Teen 2:45
8 Don't Tease Me 1:37
9 Don't Break This Heart Of Mine 1:57
10 Why Me 1:26
11 Midnight Hour 2:36
12 96 Tears 2:56

Reviews of the CD 96 Tears :

My expectations were kind of low, considering it was a copy from a clean vinyl source. I thought, "no picture sleeve, no liner notes, cheap appearance." Man, was I wrong. The insert is a super color copy of the original album cover art printed on thick glossy paper, outstanding production. It includes some liner notes and track timings, and is altogether very nice. Here's the kicker though, the sound..."clean vinyl source" does not really fit. Again, I expected some surface noise, and maybe even worse...but this thing sounds GREAT. I mean, this must have been a CLEAN vinyl source. My guess is that someone burned a quick copy of the master somehow because the sound is great. It obviously hasn't been properly cleaned up for a true digital transfer - but never less it sounds great. What a find.

Liner notes from the 96 Tears CD.

The story starts in the Saginaw Valley of Michigan...a few mile north of Detroit where a number of top groups with red hot singles have made their marks in the record business in the past year. ? (QUESTION MARK) AND THE MYSTERIANS have been heard around the Flint Valley for a while...but they really started being heard at the local teen hot spot, Mt. Holley, one night when they belted out a tune called 96 TEARS. The thousands of teens on the scene at Mt. Holley dance and listen to their favorite groups and caught 96 TEARS with both ears...and it was an immediate favorite. A shot time later, ? (QUESTION MARK) AND THE MYSTERIANS recorded the tune. Within two weeks it became the #1 record on WTAC, Flint, and in another week, 96 TEARS was the personal pick of Tommy Shannon on Detroit's 50,000 watter, CKLW.

You know the rest of the story : How the five young men from Mexico to Saginaw became the hottest new group to hit the charts since the British invasion...and their record, 96 TEARS, became an overnight smash from coast to coast and border to border.

Now recording for CAMEO/PARKWAY, ? (QUESTION MARK) AND THE MYSTERIANS are really lead guitarist, Bobby Balderrama (16), Organist Frank Rodriguez (15), Drummer Eddie Serrato (19), Bass Guitarist Frank Lugo (19), and last but not least, ? (QUESTION MARK) (21), the lead singer. Two members of the group not pictured here are Robert Martinez and Larry Borjas (presently in the U.S. Army).

It has been more than a pleasure for me helping the boys on their way to the top...and I'm sure the unique sound of ? (QUESTION MARK) AND THE MYSTERIANS will be around for a long time.

Bob Dell
Program Director